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Creation Museum outdoor adventures

“All things were   created by Him”

Colossians 1:16

Creation Field Tours

Join the Creation Museum for an outdoor adventure and an up close encounter with God’s creation. Our tours will provide a unique and fascinating perspective on God’s great design!


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Creation Field Tour - 2

Grand Canyon-Grand Staircase Adventure - May 17-23, 2015

7 Days & 6 Night All Inclusive Trip, with tour guides:

Russ Miller of Creation Earth Science Ministries & Alan Smith

$1595 per person

*Prices based on double occupancy  

Here’s your invitation to view some of the world’s most amazing scenery while discovering evidence that will affirm your faith in God’s Word!


   Join Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution & Science    Ministries and the Creation and Earth History    Museum on our Grand Staircase Christian    adventure.

   Did you know sediments a mile deep have been              removed from above the rim of Grand             

   Canyon?! These are picked up in the Grand    Staircase, which includes the soaring cliffs of    Bryce and Zion.

We will spend a day at each of these three National Parks and complete our excursion with a gentle Colorado River raft trip below 800 foot tall cliffs where petroglyphs, Bighorn Sheep, eagles and condors are often seen. We will also have the opportunity to touch actual day 3 Creation rocks and see the onsite of the Genesis Flood!

This trip includes my popular teachings while in route; on-site talks; breath-taking views; optional hikes, plenty of free time and lots of great fun. Unlike what is taught in Geology 101, you will be equipped with overwhelming evidences of the rapid flood erosion of the Staircase.

So come as a couple, family, or individual. A luxury bus will carry us from Las Vegas to our destinations. Top-quality hotels and restaurants will increase everyone’s enjoyment of our Grand Staircase Tour.

Trip details includes Grand Canyon – North and South Rim, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, ½ Day Raft trip of Colorado River in Glen Canyon, Hiking, Round Trip Bus Transportation from San Diego, Quality Hotel Accommodations, 3 Great Meals Per Day, Admission Fees, and Teaching on a Creationist Model of Life’s Origins

For more information call Jayson Payne 619.599.1104


Creation Field Tour - 1

Anza Borrego Creation Trip - April 18-19, 2015

2 Days & 1 Night Trip, all inclusive with tour guides:

Dr. Steve Austin & Mark Armitage

$259 per single, $459 for double

*Prices based on double occupancy